Bronzing of baby shoes started in America in 1934. The method was passed down from family to family and is still in operation. Bronzing is also done in the U.K.

“Sentimental Bronzing” started in South Africa in 2000.

I started marketing my services via a few shoe shops that then became my agents.
After a few years of bronzing shoes only , I decided to embark on perfecting the technique on various other  items
& different material  composition & this in turn led to what we are now capable of doing  , which are to name a few :

  • Trophies : This encompasses virtually every sport or occupation etc from a
    “brick” for bricklayer of the year / motorbike trophys  for  bike rider of the year & etc
  • Toys  : Plastic , wooden , plaster paris  or clay & many other materials.
  • Figurines : In various shapes & sizes
  • Skulls : From small to Hippo skulls
  • Baby shoes , hats , caps , boots & various other clothing items
  • Jockey saddles  & jockey boots & whip
  • Jewellery :

The process is time consuming and labour intensive due to the care needed per component to ensure the preservation of the item in its original form & the many steps of the “Bronzing” procedure and can take between 3 to 5 weeks to complete depending on the material of the original component.

The finishes can be in “Bright Copper or Antique Copper”

Once the component is completed , a special clear lacquer is sprayed onto the item to prevent tarnishing . Cleaning is done with a dry cloth only . Any chemical or abrasive polish will damage the lacquer.

We can also mount the items if required on a wooden base with a name plaque or in a wooden box frame with glass front.

I do all the elctro-plating myself and am assisted by a staff of 2 in the buffing & polishing processes. 
We have customers through-out South Africa and Overseas . 
I am fortunate to have a very fulfilling & creative business as I witness daily a treasured / sentimental  item( hence the name of my Co ) being transformed into a beautiful lasting metal  memory or gift.
We take pride in preserving your baby’s pair of shoes, sports shoes or any item of sentimental value.
Give your child/mother/father/friend a memory that will last for a life time.


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